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Automate Your SEO with Social Syndication

Want to get to the top of Google… and stay there?

Want to automate your link building and social media management for less than $10 per month?

You need to read this…


To achieve and maintain good Google rankings across all of your target keywords it’s important to keep your website active with a steady flow of quality backlinks every month.

Active websites which maintain consistent link growth tend to perform better in Google than those that don’t.

Let’s take a look at a live example…


We’ll go with the pretty competitive local business keyword – “Removal Companies London”.

Using Majestic SEO’s backlink history checker let’s take a look at the link growth over the last three months of the website at the top of page 1:

Consistent Link GrowthYou can see that the website ranking at the top of page 1 has an active link profile.


Let’s compare this to a website stuck half way down page 2:

Sporadic Backlink GrowthPretty sporadic, right?


Let’s pick another niche.

This time we’ll go with “Dentists Birmingham”.

Here’s the website at the top of page 1:

Consistent Link GrowthNot mega busy but definitely some regular link building happening.


Now here’s a website stuck half way down page 2:

Inconsistent Backlink ActivityAgain, inconsistent link activity for the website stuck on page 2.


Need another example?

Ok, let’s do “Double Glazing Manchester”.

Website at the top of page 1:

Regular Backlink ActivityRegular backlink activity at the top spot again.


Site stuck on page 2:

Irregular Backlink ActivityIrregular backlink activity isn’t doing this site any favours.


What, you need another example?


Let’s try “AA Meetings Glasgow”

Regular Backlink GrowthLot’s of activity here obviously.


How about page 2?

Slow Link GrowthMy nans seen more action than this website.


You can get lost now I’m not doing more examples.

I think I’ve made my point….

Active websites which maintain consistent link growth tend to perform better in Google than those that don’t.

If you’re struggling to get to the top and stay at the top you really should consider implementing a regular link building strategy.

In other words – if you want your website to actually start making you money rather than costing you money you NEED to keep the links flowing.


As you can see from the examples above, the local business websites ranking at the top aren’t going overboard building thousands of links every month, but they are constantly active.

These links don’t have to be expensive homepage guest posts or paid authority link placements either, simple and easy to aquire links from social sharing, social bookmarks and social blogging sites are all that is required to keep your website active.


So, whats the easiest and most cost effective way to do this?

Simple – Social Syndication.


What is Social Syndication?

Social syndication is simply a way of pushing your websites content (which contains a link back to your website) out onto third party sites, in this case – your high authority social media profiles.

This gives you the ability to maximize the exposure and reach of your content by automatically distributing it to many places at the same time.

It’s a pretty simple concept.

Every time you publish new content on your site, you get backlinks from all of your high authority social profiles.

There’s a little bit of work to do to set this up, but once it’s done, here’s what happens:


Social Content Syndication


Looks good right?

So how do we set this up?

Like so…

First you’re going to need to open accounts and create branded profiles on the following sites:


Keep a note of all of your login details then move onto the next step…


Optimizing Your Profiles

It’s best practice to optimize your profiles for 2 things:

1. Your Brand Name – Make sure you use you brand name in the profile title and description, complete your profiles fully adding logos, contact details and links, and also try to claim your brands vanity URL, eg:


These social profiles are easy to rank and this will allow you to dominate the first page of Google for your brand name, so when anybody searches for your business directly – they’ll get the impression that you’re a very active company with a huge online presence.

Also, having all these social web assets will help you to manage your brands online reputation. If you get a bad review or you notice that something negative is ranking for your brand name – simply build some links to your social profiles and push it off the first page.

2. Your Main Keywords – Getting good backlinks from pages which frequently contain your main keywords will make it a lot easier to rank your main website for those keywords.

Creating a Super Social Network

Linking your profiles together will create a super social network, each profile will pass link juice and authority to the next, this has been proven time and time again to increase the power of all future backlinks from these sites.

You can do this during the account creation process like so:

  • Create a Facebook Business Page
  • Create a Twitter account, then tweet a link to your Facebook page
  • Create a Google+ page, then share a link to your Twitter page
  • Create a Pinterest account, then pin a link to your Google+ page
  • Etc

You can do this in any order.

Interlinking your profiles will also help to rank them in Google so you dominate the first page for your brand name.


Syndicating Your Accounts

Once all of your profiles are set up, optimized and interlinked, it’s time to syndicate your website to post to these accounts and tie the bow on your automated link building.

There’s plenty of syndication tools out there, but the best of the bunch has got to be Onlywire.

OnlywireOnlywire allows you to easily distribute your website content to all of your social profiles via RSS feeds, WordPress plugins and browser extensions.


Let’s take a look at these three methods:

1. RSS – RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. It’s an old technology which is still widely used today. It allows you to keep up to date with your favourite blogs by subscribing to their RSS feeds using an RSS feed reader.

If you’re websites built on WordPress, visit yourwebsite.com/feed to see your RSS feed.

Bet you didn’t even know you had one.

If you’re not using WordPress, still check that URL anyway to see if your CMS has created one, if not you can manually create one using Feedity.

Onlywire allows you to use this feed to automatically distribute your new content (along with backlinks) to all of your your social media accounts.

2. WordPress Plugin – The plugin has an edge over the feed method ad the RSS feeds only publish new blog posts, but not pages. Install this plugin to your blog and you can automatically share all of your latest posts and pages via your WordPress dashboard. It allows you to select which networks you’d like to share to and also comes with a built in share button so your readers can share your content on their social profiles too.

Onlywire WordPress Plugin

3. Browser Extension – This Firefox and Chrome extension is an invaluable tool. It seamlessly integrates into your browser window so you can share any webpage at any time across all of your social profiles with the click of a button.

This allows you to share not just your own content, but related content too. It’s very important that you do this so your social profiles don’t just fill up with with your own self promoted content.


So how much is Onlywire?

You can get your hands on this great tool for the bank busting price of $10 per month.

You’d be stupid not to.

If you need help setting this up, get in touch.

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  1. Tom says:

    Hey Carl, great info! Any suggestions for outsourcing the account creation side of things?

    • Carl Reed says:

      Hi Tom, if you’re doing this for multiple sites I’d advise hiring a good VA who can handle this for you, onlinejobs.ph is a great site to find just that

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