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Author Archives: Carl Reed

Automate Your SEO with Social Syndication

Want to get to the top of Google… and stay there? Want to automate your link building and social media management for less than $10 per month? You need to read this…   To achieve and maintain good Google rankings across all of your target keywords it’s important to keep your website active with a […]

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How To WIN on Google Adwords

Search Google for the keywords you want to rank for… see all those ads? Why are your competition always up there? Because they work… if you do it right. Just like any other form of advertising – do it wrong and you’ll lose money, do it right and you’ll make money. Put the wrong ad […]

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Welcome to SEO – You’re Late…

If I have to explain what SEO is to one more person I’m going to set my head on fire and apply for a job at as a traffic warden. I’m not even joking. So to save myself from serious injury and a life of disappointment I’m going to write this post and let you […]

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How to Build White Hat Competition Crushing Authority Links

  WARNING… If you’re allergic, uncomfortable or downright annoyed by triple full stops (or periods)… this post definitely isn’t for you. In this post you’re going to learn a few things: What authority links are Why you need them to rank The safest and cheapest way to acquire them If you already know what a dofollow, contextual, relevant […]

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On Page SEO Basics – 25 Tips That’ll Boost Your Rankings & Traffic in Less Than 7 Days

Want to give your rankings & traffic a maximum boost with minimum cost? If you do (who doesn’t?), read this post and apply just a handful of these 25 on page SEO basics to your site. In less than 7 days you’ll see some great improvements in your rankings and traffic. All from a few […]

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How to Build Backlinks that Work in 2016 and Beyond

If you want to learn how to push your website to the top of Google… but can’t tell your arse from your elbow when it comes to backlinks, this post is for you. The Internet is full of conflicting information about backlinks. Google still ranks old link building guides on the first page even though they haven’t […]

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Annoying SEO Questions (with appropriate answers)

I’ve been a Google Geek for over 10 years now, in this time I’ve worked and consulted with my fair share of companies in all kinds of weird and wonderful niches. In doing so I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to and advising an insane amount of business owners, from the realistic and successful to the […]

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