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I can increase your online car sales and lower your cost per sale without increasing your curent advertising spend. I'll bring you better quality, higher converting car finance leads at a lower price than you've ever paid. AND I work on a commission only basis with no upfront fees.

Hi, I'm Carl and I'm a car finance lead generation specialist with over 7 years experience.

My leads have generated over £15 million in used car sales with an average cost per sale of just £200 per unit.

I've always had skin in the game, I work 100% commission only, I've never charged a single penny in management fees, I don't want paying upfront and I don't charge a percentage of your marketing spend - I only get paid when you make sales.

My income is tied to your performance, so I have a vested interest in delivering only the highest quality leads that consistently convert into sales.

I've reached out to you specifically because you have the perfect stock profile and online reputation to easily convert the leads that I generate into sales, which means when we work together you'll be able to start closing deals from day one.

Below are some examples of the types of ads I produce along with real time statistics from some of my clients.

I'm confident that I can give you a better ROI than any other platforms you're currently advertising on.

I'm currently producing over £500,000 in sales every month and I'd love to work with you (commission only) so get in touch today and let's talk - 07483 429 946.

Unlimited Low Cost, High Converting Leads

I'm consistently generating thousands of car finance applications every month at prices which you'd think were only possible 5 years ago. Here's a few snapshots from some of the accounts I'm running.

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Real Time Results

01 - CPA
02 - CVR
03 - CPS

Ads that Drive Costs Down & Conversions Up

I make Goldilocks ads. They're not too polished, not too plain. They're just right for social media.

Ads that look like ads get scrolled past in less than a second, you need to produce ads that blend in with the organic content on the platforms you're advertising on.

I can shoot and produce high converting, in person walkaround videos of your stock, or simply convert any videos you currently have into high converting ads for social media.

These types of video ads work exceptionally well on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube. They feature modern subtitles and engaging voiceovers that captures the attention of busy people and persuade them to take action.

I go above and beyond the basic copy-and-paste templated image ads that most dealerships are using.

I can come to your dealership and shoot new videos for you every month, and I can turn those videos into fresh new high converting ads for you every single week.

Your audience won't be fed up of seeing the same old generic ads month in month out, and your sales team will have a constant supply of fresh approvals to work with every day.

You'll struggle to find anyone else who invests this much time and effort into your advertising creatives. I put the effort in because my income is tied to your success.

What's Working Today?

Vertical or portrait videos with voicovers and captions are what works best in today's digital landscape.

If you're still using outdated image ads, spending £5k, £10k, £15k a month on generic ads that look like they took 10 minutes to create, or even spending thousands on polished "made for TV" style adverts - you're wasting tens of thousands of pounds in bloated ad costs every year.

Advertising agencies are taking advantage of dealerships like you - sign you up, repurpose the same old tired image ad templates they use for every other client, run your ads and send an invoice for 20% of your spend.

They put minimum effort into creating your ads. They don't care about your margins as much as they care about theirs.

Ten's of millions of pounds of used cars are being sold every month through social media channels.

But if you're going to succeed in this competitive marketplace you need someone like me to modernize your ads, provide you with fresh new engaging videos every week, diversify your traffic sources across different social platforms and deliver you leads that convert at a better price than you're currently paying - giving you more deals for your money.

And if I'm willing to do this for you, with no money down, on a commission only basis, why on earth aren't we on the phone yet?

Consistency is Key

Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Split your budget across multiple platforms to ensure consistent results.


Contact rate low from Facebook leads this week? No problem let's reduce the Facebook budget and put more into the Tiktok campaign. Instagram prices going up again? No problem let's turn that winning Snapchat campaign up instead.

Brokers & Dealers I've Worked With


Brokers & Dealers I've Worked With



I'm not just a social media guy.

Since the day I bought a "How to Build a Website" CD-ROM off eBay in 2008 I've been building websites, marketing funnels and profitable advertising campaigns for myself and hundreds of clients.

My experience is broad and deep and I have a proven track record of success in generating lot's of traffic, leads, and sales online.

I'm skilled in developing high converting websites, landing pages, marketing funnels, and mastering various traffic generation strategies including SEO, PPC and social media marketing.

When your business relies heavily on online marketing, it's good to have someone like me on your team.

Here's a brief overview of some of the successes I've had so far...

2011 - 2012

From £0 to £40,000 per month

During my early 20s I built an ecommerce website from scratch using HTML code.

I designed and developed the front-end website, checkout system, and back-end customer management and order processing system.

Through strategic SEO techniques, content creation, and link building, I achieved number one rankings on Google for hundreds of competitive keywords.

Within just four months, I propelled the brand from concept to £40,000 in monthly sales solely through free organic Google traffic.


2012 - 2013

Over 1 Million Leads from Google

My second success was taking another concept in the property market into a fully functional lead generation machine that generated over 1,000,000 leads from free organic Google rankings.

I built a website which offered a digital product for free in exchange for contact details of our target audience.

Not just name and number leads (known as short form), but name, number, address and 35 other questions (known as long form leads - much like a finance application).

I ranked this website at the top of Google for thousands of competitive and long tail keywords using a solid SEO content and link building strategy.

The website generated leads for years with little to no maintenance work involved.

2013 - 2016


After several successes with Google SEO I established my own marketing agency offering my services to bigger and better clients.

For 4 years I worked with countless businesses in every niche you can think of, from small local trades to large national brands.

Working in such a large variety of markets gave me a very good understanding in all aspects of marketing and made me understand that no matter the market the process is the same:

There are always people out there who want to buy what you're selling, you just need to be able to position yourself in front of them with the right offer, in the right place, at the right time.

I helped businesses all over the UK to craft high converting offers and position themselves in the right place, at the right time via PPC, SEO and social media marketing.

dominated google

2016 - 2018

£1,400,000 in Used Cars Sales from Facebook Ads

In 2016, I ventured into the motor trade industry, applying my marketing expertise to a small start-up dealership.

I helped the company take it's first steps in the car finance market. I created hundreds of high converting Facebook ads campaigns generating car finance leads and took a fledgling business from less than £30,000 in monthly revenue to generating over £1,400,000 in less than 12 months.

Leveraging the power of Facebook ads, I significantly reduced the costs of aquiring new customers and completely eliminated all reliance on the ever increasingly expensive traditional platforms such as Autotrader, Car Gurus or eBay.

2018 to Date

£13,500,000 in Used Car Sales from Social Media Lead Gen

Building upon my success in Facebook marketing, I expanded my services to more dealers and brokers.

I effectively managed multiple profitable ads accounts across Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok and Youtube, continuously driving down costs and increasing conversions.

Over the past several years, I've successfully facilitated the sale of over £13,500,000 in used cars through social media lead generation along with a few million more in finance commissions.

My expertise extends to advertising on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and YouTube. I have the knowledge and skills to produce highly engaging ads, high converting landing pages, diversify traffic sources, ensuring a constant supply of low-cost, high-converting car finance applications 24/7.


Get in Touch

Let me come to your dealership and shoot some voiceover videos for free. Call me or Whatsapp me any time on the number below, let's talk, let's meet, let's get the ball rolling...

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