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SEO-GuaranteeGet Ranking, beat the competition and dominate Google with a fast moving, cost effective SEO programme that will bring more leads, more sales, more customers and more profit to your business!

Here’s a fact – Every single day there are people using Google to search for the services or products you offer.

If your business isn’t listed on the first page – you’re losing out on a lot of money!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of ranking your website higher in the search engines for the keywords your customers are using to look for YOU.


Higher rankings are achieved by:

1. Finding the easiest  and most profitable keywords for your business to rank for
2. Optimizing your website to be more “search engine friendly”
3. Building a steady flow of quality links back to your website

There you have it – the most over simplified how-to-guide on SEO ever written in the history of mankind. Ever!

OK, so there’s a little more to it than that…

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“SEO is simple! I got my own website to the top of Google in THREE DAYS and it cost me just £25” – Said no-one, ever.

Let’s face it… SEO can be confusing. If you’ve tried to do it yourself you’ll know what I mean. There’s a massive learning curve, it’s an ever changing game, Google’s algorithm is constantly evolving, what worked last year doesn’t work this year and what works this year probably won’t work next year… it’s complicated!

The good news?

You don’t have to worry about any of it!

Left in the hands of an SEO professional (hello!) you can concentrate on what you do best – running your business, while I handle all the technical stuff.

Why Work With Me?

No Contracts – Unlike most large SEO agencies who tie you into non refundable 6-12 month
contracts, when you work with me you can stop at any time you want at the click of a button, no questions asked.

Risk Reversal – I’m so confident that my SEO will bring you results that I’m
offering a 100% risk free money back guarantee. If after 90 days I’ve not increased your rankings and traffic I will refund 100% of your investment for any keywords which have not improved AND I’ll give you £250 out of my own pocket.

Support – When you work with me… you work with me. Your SEO isn’t outsourced to
a spanglish speaking company half way around the world. Whenever you need to speak to me just
pick up the phone and call me direct, simple as that.

Experience – Take advantage of my 6+ years experience in SEO. I’ve ranked over
1,000 web pages on the first page of Google. I know SEO like the back of my hand,
I know whats working right now and my skills, knowledge and experience in this
game is exactly what you need to beat your competition.

Transparency – My SEO packages are transparent and easy to understand.
No hidden fee’s, no “get in touch for a free quote so I can get you on the phone to find
out how much money you have and fix my prices accordingly”, no vague
descriptions of the work I’ll be doing, just clear and affordable packages and prices
so you always know exactly what you’re getting for your money.

Safe SEO – No spammy SEO tools will ever be used on your website.
All links pointing to your site will be manually created with unique content on sites
which Google trusts. Quality over quantity. Your website is safe with me.

Sound good? Get in touch with me today and I’ll review your website for free
and show you exactly what needs to be done to get to the first page and beat
your competition.

Still need to know more?

Here you go…



On Page SEO


get-started-seoKeyword research and on-page optimization are the foundations of successful SEO, without them – everything else is a waste of money.

Before you build a single backlink to your website you have to optimize it for your chosen keywords. This is known as making your site “Search Engine Friendly”

If your website is more friendly to the search engines – the search engines are more friendly to your website. The result – higher rankings.

Here’s What I Can Do For You:

  • Consultation – Spend some time with me either on the phone or in person so I can get a proper understanding of your products or services and your target customers.
  • Keyword Research – I’ll conduct in depth research to find the most profitable and easy to rank for keywords for your business.
  • Rank Tracking – I’ll set up keyword tracking so we can monitor your ranking progress daily.
  • Optimized Content – If your website’s content isn’t optimized for the keywords you want to
    rank for I’ll add new, super optimized pages of quality content to make sure you get ranking
    for all of your target keywords.
  • Canonical URL Fix – One of the biggest SEO mistakes most web designers overlook. I’ll fix
  • Sitemap – I’ll create, update or fix any formatting errors with your sitemap.
  • Robots – Is your robot’s.txt file causing you ranking issues? We’ll see, and I’ll fix it.
  • Google Analytics – You’ll get important website traffic and usage stats directly from Google
    after I’ve installed Analytics on your site.
  • Webmaster Tools – The only place Google will tell you directly about issues with your site is in
    GWT, let’s get you set up.
  • Broken Links Correction – Broken links are a nightmare for SEO, I’ll fix that.
  • URL Optimization – Is your site using ugly search engine UN-friendly URL’s? Let’s get that
  • Meta Tag Optimization – Missing, duplicate or unoptimized meta titles and descriptions can
    have a big effect on your rankings. Let’s correct that.
  • H1, H2, H3 Optimization – Heading tags can often be misused in logo’s and sidebars causing
    ranking issues, I’ll fix that for you.
  • Image Alt Tag Optimization – If you’re not using image alt tags properly you’re missing out on
    keyword placement opportunities.
  • Site Interlinking – Nav bar links are so last year, let’s strengthen your site with contextual
  • Outbound Authority Links – Does Google see your site as a loner in your niche? Fix this and
    you’ll boost you Google rep.
  • Social Sharing Elements – Come on, get with the program 😉
  • Local Business Optimization – Using some on site strategies and data highlighting tags I’ll
    boost your rankings for your local listing.
  • Indexing – If you’re not already ranking I’ll add your website to the Google index so we have a
    benchmark position to measure all further SEO work.


Googlr Maps

Google Maps ListingAre you a local business targeting local search terms? Does Google display maps listings on your chosen keywords? Is so – you need to Get Listed!

(if you’re not targeting local search terms don’t worry about this part)

Ranking your website on Google Maps requires a different approach than ranking in the normal search results. On top of on page SEO and backlinks, Google takes into account the amount of correct citations your business has online. Citations are mentions of your business name, address and phone number (NAP) found on other websites, mostly online directories like Yell and Scoot.

Furthermore, Google also factors in the optimization of your Google Maps business page. I’ll be helping you with this too.


Here’s What I Can Do For You:

  • Create and optimize your business profile on Google Maps for your chosen keywords
    including keyword rich descriptions, images and videos.
  • Search, claim and correct any current citations your business has online.
  • Local Citations – I’ll manually list your business on the top UK local business directories
    including Yell, 192, Hotfrog, Qype and Thompson Local.
  • Social Citations – I’ll manually list your business on the top social media sites – Facebook,
    Twitter, Foursquare, Linkedin, Youtube & more.
  • Rich Media Citations – I’ll create geo-tagged images and videos for your business and
    distribute them to the top photo and video sharing sites like Youtube and Flickr.
  • Competition Analysis – I’ll research your top 10 competitors backlink profiles and steal their
    backlink and citation sources.
  • Build Backlinks to all of your citations to index them in Google super fast.


Bonus – You’ll also get social signals (retweets, likes and shares) to your website from
Facebook, Twitter and Google+


Link Building

BacklinksBacklinks are the backbone of your SEO strategy.

You just can’t rank high without them!

Once your website is optimized for the keywords you’re targeting and it’s indexed in Google it’s time to start promoting your site with a steady flow of quality backlinks which will boost your rankings.

Google counts backlinks as votes for your website which move you up in the search engine results. The more quality backlinks your website gets – the higher you will rank.

All Links Are Equal, But Some Are More Equal Than Others

Google favours quality over quantity. 50 links from authority websites beats 5,000 links from low quality websites. I don’t build spam links, just quality content promoting your business distributed to the top channels in your niche along with powerful links pointing to your website each and every month.

Here’s what links I can build for you:



These are the powerhouse backlinks which will get you ranking fast. I’ll contact some high authority websites in your niche and secure quality content placements which contain links back to your site. These websites have high Google authority and quite frankly, without them you just can’t beat the competition.



Your backlink profile needs to look natural and diverse to rank higher. These secondary links will do just that. A random mix of image links from Tumblr and Pinterest, some niche relevant directory listings, a few PDF document submissions and whatever else I can find that is relevant to your niche will give your link profile a solid foundation of variety and authenticity.

Don’t worry, I don’t use ANY automated backlink building tools for these links. Every link is created manually and you’ll only receive a handful of each, all from trusted and authoritative websites.



Social signals are now an important ranking factor. Your website content will be placed on my premium social sharing platforms and will be shared, tweeted and “+1’d” across the top three social networks – Facebook, Twitter and Google+ by real people using real social accounts.



How do you make your backlinks more powerful?

Build links that point to the links you just built!

Backlinks pointing to backlinks may sound confusing, but trust me, it works. This will increase the ranking power each one of your links and is the secret that the large overpriced agencies use but will never tell you about.



It doesn’t matter how many links I build to your site – if Google can’t find them, they won’t count towards your rankings. Indexing each and every backlink will alert Google of the new content we’ve published, making your links count from the day they’re built. The end result = fast rankings.

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 Here’s just some of the awesome results my clients have got from using my SEO services.

Hopefully I’ll be adding you to this list soon too 🙂